Sunday MishMosh

Sunday MishMosh

400g beef mince
Half a small white cabbage shredded
A whole large leek sliced thinly

A tsp fish sauce
A tbsp ketjap manis
2 tbsp beef mince mix/kruidenmix voor gehakt
Half a chilli chopped finely
A tsp chilli prawn sambal
A shake of garlic powder
No salt. There is enough in the fish sauce and beef mince herb mix thingy.

2 cups of cooked rice (optional but preferable to potatoes, noodles or any other filler)
A handful of roasted peanuts or pine nuts or whatever nuts you want. Except brazil. Or almonds. Or walnuts. Or chestnuts or coconuts. If you actually manage to get a coconut in your mouth, odds on it would get stuck in your throat. They are better served out of the shell anyway.

Render the beef mince until you can get rid of this deadly stuff:


This is beef fat and it better out of your system than in. Once you have got shut of the fat, add a teaspoon of some nice tasting oil, hemp oil or walnut oil is spot on.

Add half a cup of warm water along with all the sauces & seasoning.


When stirred through, add the cabbage & leek, mix and cover until cabbge is half cooked.
Add the rice and peanuts and stir in gently until everything is nicely heated.
Add more sambal with a Jip en Janneke spoon (tastes so much better with a Jip en Janneke spoon).

And here you are: Sunday Mishmosh with 2 of your 5. As with all stirfy meals you can also add other vegetables such as yams, mooli, cucumber, carrots, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots.


The world is your lobster.
Cooking is dead easy.
Even bloody cats can cook.