Lazy Git Recipe 2: Bangers

This is the second in the Lazy Git series.

Basmati boil in the bag rice, boiled for 16 minutes
Whole chinese leaf chopped fine served raw (from Tesco)
12 Lidl Dulano less fat mini Nürnwurst
Add any sambal, ketjap or soy sauce to the rice.
Add a *blob of Lidl mayonaise

*technical term you needn’t worry yourselves about.

I’ve had saithe & salmon from Felix.
I had no idea what saithe was until I looked it up on Google.
It’s pollock.
I presume the political correctness tossers think it sounds too close to BOLLOCK & are doing our thinking for us eh?
That’s nice



Pasta di Myrtle

Today Myrtle cooked.
And very nice it was.
I’m not going to tell you how to cook pasta or sausages.

The Pasta
Tripoline ribbon pasta noodles
Bacon lardons
Half a chillli

6 Lincolnshire sausages grilled

The Salad
Mixed crunchy salad from Tesco

Brilliantly healthy meal. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and also garlic.
Garlic boosts the testosterone levels in rats fed on a high protein diet.
Moral: eat rats.