Lazy Git Recipe 1: Pizza

The first in the Lazy Git series.
Tuesday night is pizza night woohoo

Yes it’s Tuesday night, she works long hours to finish the newspaper off, it’s deadline day and it’s also easy cooking day.
Today it was Pizza day. Even he can cook that.
So after eating salmon & sardine Whiskas we set about making a pizza.
Righty ho, here goes.

One twin Mama’s pepperoni pizza packet from Lidl
One bag of Linessa mozzarella lite from Lidl
Anchovie sauce from a farm shop or pretentious country store

Cooking instructions
Shred the mozzarella & share over the two pizzas
Dribble a few drops of anchovie sauce on.
Heat oven to about 200°c (180°c fan oven)  with pizza trays in, this helps make the pizza bottoms crispier.
After 5 minutes put the pizzas on the hot trays.
Cook for 12 minutes.
Slice each pizza into

If yer think yer gonna get a picture of a bloody pizza, think again.