Dischi volanti con guanciale di maiale

Dischi volanti con guanciale di maiale.
The literal translation is flying saucers with pork cheek, which is dead handy for Brits & Yanks seeing as most English speakers can’t even pronounce oui or non properly without sounding like they’ve got a gob full of feathers.
Okay, we’ve used raw pork cheek and not the cooked cheek (guanciale)¬†which is salty and is used in carbonara.
Pork cheek is great to cook with but it’s becoming more popular so the supermarkets, as is their abject greed, will put the prices up. Guaranteed.
Think about haloumi if you don’t believe me. It doubled in price when it was revealed Britain came only 2nd to Cyprus in haloumi consumption.
These supermarkets, Tesco, ASDA, Morrison, Waitrose (in particular), Sainsbury’s and the Co-op really know what they are doing i.e. ripping their customers off.
Moral: Don’t bloody tell anyone if somethings nice. Tell ’em it’s crap. I mean, this meal, it’s really crap. Crappest meal ever. Just a bag of shit.
4 x pork cheeks diced, fried in oil or butter, seasoned with pepper.
Bag of dischi volanti pasta
Half a tin of sweetcorn (the corn from maize for God’s sake….!)
Handful of frozen garden peas. (tiny green round things)
Seasoning & spices: whole chilli sliced, whole garlic sliced, huge sprig of parsley, 1 oxo cube, teaspoon of ketjap manis, a tiny pinch of mace and some other bits and bobs. Just chuck owt in. Pasata is always good to add to any pasta except Myrtle’s not o’er keen on it.
Never ever, ever, ever, ever use tomato ketchup. It’s got vinegar in.
Vinegar is ace at preserving things, such as undersized onions and gherkins.
Vinegar is also ace at killing things, such as taste and palate. That’s why it’s so popular with chips, it disguises the fatty taste.
Eat with salad or some other greens. Not rocket science.



Pasta di Myrtle

Today Myrtle cooked.
And very nice it was.
I’m not going to tell you how to cook pasta or sausages.

The Pasta
Tripoline ribbon pasta noodles
Bacon lardons
Half a chillli

6 Lincolnshire sausages grilled

The Salad
Mixed crunchy salad from Tesco

Brilliantly healthy meal. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and also garlic.
Garlic boosts the testosterone levels in rats fed on a high protein diet.
Moral: eat rats.