Hoi Sin Duck


Duck in hoi sin sauce with coconut & lime rice

Hoi Sin duck with coconut & lime rice.

2 duck breasts
200g Hoi Sin sauce
Enough Rice
50g Dessicated coconut
Half a lime
Half a cucumber
One massive cooking tip is to evaluate how long each component will take to cook.
It is essential that the rice is hot when you plate the duck.
Don’t overcook the duck and don’t serve cold rice.

Pan fry the duck breast both sides for 5 minutes, remove, slice and cook each side for a further 2 minutes & no more.
Chuck in the hoi sin sauce and stir for a minute. Serve immediately.
The duck slices should still be floppy when they are cooked. If they are stiff, you’ve overcooked it.
When the rice is cooked tip into a warmed bowl, stir in 50g of dessicated coconut, squeeze the lime in, stir again.
Slice the cucumber however you want to, I prefer long strips.
Garnish the rice with dry fried onions or shredded roasted fish. Or not.
Stick a blob of sambal gandaria (because it has lime in) on the plate, bobs yer uncle & fanny’s yer aunt. Sorted!