Tin Heaven

This is an easy recipe…………er well not strictly a recipe as such.
It’s 2 tins of stuff, a few things with a shell, a pungent round thing and some rabbit food.
Chop the pungent round thing into half a few times.
Chop the stuff in the tin labelled Spam, into small cubes.
Fry in a non stick wok for 5 minutes.
No oil, the Spam stuff is enough. No salt, Spam is enough.
Open the bigger tins with pictures of beans on.
Chuck into wok with Spam & onions.
Crack 4 eggs into frying pan & cook sunny side up.
Chop the rabbit food or parsley or whatever you fancy, add to wok.
Stir it all around a bit until hot.
Serve on a plate. Slide the eggs out of the pan, make sure they’re not snotty.

Have you noticed that You’ve Been Framed and Lachen om Home Videos are shown at teatime/dinnertime?
Have you also noticed that the producers seem to think home videos from sad unimaginative parents whose prime motivation is £250, showing snotty nosed kids with 2 inch candles dangling from their dirty little snouts, puke & projectile vomiting, is a good idea to broadcast whilst Europe is eating?

Luckily we haven’t got kids, nobody to pull my tail, stick things in me and get me in trouble for slashing their little white faces in self defence.

Mandarijn (which means mandarin in Dutch by the way)