Erwtensoep & Astrid’s Sausage Stew

Erwtensoep or Peas Soup: well they cheated and brought if from Dirk van den Broek supermarkt in Deventer, Holland.



Astrid’s Sausage Stew
It’s not a stew really, just gently fry the sausages, chop, cut, slice, cube all the vegetables, stirfry them a minute in a spot of olive oil, then cover with boiling water, stir around a bit, add the sausage. Done.

2 Pikok Polish sausages from Lidl.
2 leeks
Some pancetta (chopped bacon)
1 kohirabi (It’s a round white thing with green leaves, looks like a swede but tastes like mild mooli.)
A chillie

optional – garlic

Astrid's Sausage Stew

Astrid’s Sausage Stew


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