Ragbag Noodles

You don’t need to pay a fortune for noodles. Why pay over a quid a packet in Tesco etc. The bottom line is, the expensive Batchelors or Maggi noodles are no better than the cheapo 16p noodles. It all depends what you use them with. If you are having a pile of bland, tasteless noodles on a pile on your plate, then good luck. It is the English way to have a pile of carbohydrates, a pile of vegetables and lump of meat all in their own little defined space on the plate. Someone I know, went to Portugal in the Algarve, an area famous for some fantasic seafood dishes. I asked how the food was and the reply was “I don’t know, I played safe and had pizza and fish & chips”. My idea of playing safe today was using basic vegetables, pork & noodles. The only spices were in the marinade.

Have a bash at this: RAGBAG NOODLES
You need 2 boneless pork shoulder chops, cubed, excessive fat removed, marinated in Moroccan spices, a teaspoon of ketjap manis, a load of garlic, some dried crushed chillies and salt & pepper.
A leek.
An onion.
3 carrots sliced thinly.
Half a chinese leaf, sliced.
A bunch of chopped parsley.
Handful of sweetcorn.
That’s about it really.
Oh and 2 bags of noodles, softened for one minute in boiling water. Not 2 minutes as it invariably says on the packet.
A lot of cooking is about timing, temperatures and compatability.

Add a spot of oil to a large wok or pan, chuck the chopped onions in on a medium flame.
A minute later add the meat, make sure it’s well stirred in.
A minute later add the carrots, chopped leek & sweetcorn and some boiling water.
Simmer for 5 minutes, add the chinese leaf and parsley.
The chinese leaf will soften in 2 minutes.
Soften the noodles in boiling water. After a minute sieve them and throw them in the pan with everything else.
Simmer again stirring in the noodles until it’s well mixed.
Finito. You can add cashews, peanuts, pine nuts or capers (not too many ‘cos they can easily influence the taste)

Of course, as a cat I think the whole thing is a pile of pooh, I’ll stick to Felix or Whiskas.


Ragbag Noodles

Ragbag Noodles

Steaming meat & vegetables

Steaming meat & vegetables

Noodles added and it looks quite awesome.

Noodles added and it looks quite awesome.


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