Witlof salade

It’s a basic salad but with witlof or chicory as the Brits & Yanks call it as the centre piece.
Just take the leaves off the witlof and discard the hard centre as it can be very bitter.
Then off you go.
The ingredients are:
Persimmon fruit
Celery stick
Apetina feta cheese
Crispy Bacon pieces
Roughly chop all the fruit & vegetables.
Fry the bacon until crispy and dry. Let it cool and mix it in with all the chopped fruit 7 veg along with the yoghurt & mayo.
Slow dry fry a whole punnet of slightly salted chestnut mushrooms. Should take about 30 minutes.
Add them around the outside of the salad.
That’s it. Dead easy.
Even a cat can cook it.



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